4th Wednesday Design Dialogue ~ Vegetative Green Roofs in Sacramento – The California State Lottery Headquarters

This evening is the 4th Wednesday Design Dialogue at the AIA Central Valley Chapter Office at 1400 S Street in Midtown Sacramento.  This evening a group of architects and landscape architects from LPAS will be sharing their experiences from working on the new Cal Lottery building, and specifically the green roof.  This case study will provide the basis for a broader discussion on the potential value of and/or challenges for implementing green roofs in the Central Valley.

Green roofs and living walls have the potential to be far more than simply an attractive feature of a building.  When properly integrated into the overall design they offer potential benefits for stormwater management, reductions in cooling loads for internally dominated buildings, additional recreation/amenity space, and even secondary productive uses.

For a primer of green roofs, check out the American Society of Landscape Architects Green Roof website.  Come out this evening to the 4th Wednesday Design Dialogue and join in what should be a very interesting discussion.

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