Don’t park in the bicycle lanes… or else! :-D

Courtesy of our friends at Inhabitat comes this message from the Mayor of Vilnius, Lithuania: don’t park illegally in the bicycle lanes… or else!  The article includes the entertaining video PSA of the Mayor, determined to protect the new City bicycle lanes from obstruction by illegally parked vehicles, deciding that the only effective solution is to drive over the parked car with a tank.  “That is what will happen if you park your car illegally!” he declares from atop an 8-wheeled APV, having just ridden the vehicle over a Mercedes sedan.

Granted, the event was set up.  Who would want to deal with the legal hassles of trying to defend comically excessive enforcement of a City code?  That said, the video makes for an effective public service announcement (PSA), the more so with the ‘wink and nod’ humor inherent in the stunt.  Kudos to Mayor Zuokas for not taking himself too seriously, and making a point while having fun.

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