The basics

We provide landscape architectural design services for commercial and residential landscapes.  We work with architects, engineers, developers, and others to craft well-integrated designs for commercial and high-end residential projects.  We also provide services directly to homeowners and business owners.

Comfortable, functional, modern, innovative

Our focus is on crafting comfortably modern landscapes that are highly functional, visually stimulating, and technologically innovative.

A partial list of services

Conceptual design: working with the client and/or design team to establish how landscape areas or elements will contribute to the overall project, and defining the basic look.

Design development: working with the client and/or design team to refine the function and look of landscape areas or elements prior to preparing construction drawings or handing off the design to a Design-Build contractor for implementation.  This is also commonly referred to as preliminary landscape design.

Construction drawings & specifications: preparing detailed drawings and specifications to allow the client or design team to obtain ‘apples-to-apples’ construction bids from qualified contractors, and to meet submittal requirements of a City or other jurisdiction.

Bid support: providing answers to questions raised during the bid process and, in some cases, managing the process of obtaining and/or reviewing bids from qualified contractors.

Construction support: providing assessments of installed landscape systems and elements to help the client know whether the design intent has been met, and providing input on proposed solutions to unforeseen conditions encountered during construction.

Protecting your investment:

It is important to look at landscaping as an investment.  According to a recent study, a well-designed property along with scheduled maintenance and upkeep can add 20% or more to the value of your home during resale.  Below are a few things recommends to Sacramento area homeowners in order to protect their investment.

1)      Get a game plan…  Working with a landscape designer can help you create a vision of how you want the property to look.  Sometimes, if you piece a project together bit by bit, it will look like a hodgepodge of different plants by the time it’s done as opposed to a polished product.

2)      Keep it green…  Some homeowners make the mistake of investing in their project, and a year or two later haven’t been determined enough to keep it maintained.  Understand your priorities, and if you don’t have the time or energy to keep it green make sure you hire a landscaping company to do the work for you.

3)      Curb appeal… It is important to be aware of what your home looks like from the road, as this will be the first impression you give potential buyers in the future.  First impressions go a long way, and could be the difference in them making their decision!

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