24/T infill project takes a step forward

Last night at the City of Sacramento Design Commission the infill project at 24/T Streets in Midtown Sacramento took a significant step forward as the Commission forwarded advisory conditions and a recommendation for approval to the Planning Commission.  The project has been through an extensive public review process, resulting in a 5-unit apartment project in a craftsman style.  Mark Groen, Senior Architect with Vrilakas Architects is lead architect on the project.

Several neighbors who had been actively involved in the review process came to express support for the project and for the efforts of the applicant, neighbors and City staff in reaching an agreement that would allow the project to move forward.  The next step for the project is to gain approval by the Planning Commission on Thursday, July 28th.

During the hearing the applicant requested a number of modifications to the proposed conditions for the project, in order to limit potential problems on the alley and to have the option to use newly available window technology that is high-quality and energy efficient.  Commissioner Todd Rudd, who holds the contractor/builder position on the 7-member profession-based commission, was instrumental in helping to clarify the details of the applicant’s requests and allow the Commission to approve the two requested items.

Below are elevations for the project, pulled from the meeting Agenda.  The full agenda and recording of the meeting can be found here.

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